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Use of Modafinil In Military

in present world we all know there is a Military race to have better weapon ,  better attack and defence accuracy and to have lower rate of human error during Military operation . all top countries of the world are spending billions of dollar to make their soldier stronger faster and have better equipment to do more damage to the target . in this race  one of the latest addition is to take nootropics to increase focus in sleep deprieved and stressed soldiers.one such nootropic used by Military is modafinil. infact modafinil is the only approved drug by united state to be used by airforce as an  " anti fatigue " agent or a " go pill ". modafinil is also being researched by research department of usa army  so other uses of it can be explored for better execution of Military operation.

this following study finds modafinil to be useful for airforce operation as it performed better than placebo.


Modafinil's effect on focus During operations

During long Military operations soldiers often skip sleep or have low quality of sleep. This affact their performance in operation and a mistake during operation due to lack of focus can be dangerouse. In this situation modafini can be useful as it makes a sleed deprived soldier's alertness back to non-sleep deprived level. sleep deprietion not also reduce focus it also reduces cognition . A low ability to take good decision during a Military operation can be deadly to a airforce pilot where you have to take decisons fast. we can not blam army to encourage use of modafinil to save lives of its soldiers. A soldier is a son , a father and a husband also , and anything that makes his chance if survival higher is autometically justified to be used by any Military.

Worldwide interest of Modafinil For Military Use

many countries have shown interest in modafinil as  a safer alternative than amphetamine for Military purpose.modafinil has also been used in france"s army unit foreign legion in some secret operations. france also allowed use of modafinil among its soldiers during gulf war.  An aerospace defence research and devlopment company named QinetiQ of united kingdom  also researched on modafinil and uk goverment  gave £3000,000 for a single investigation. you can imagine seriousness of them by the budget of this investigation.Indian air force also announced that they may use modafinil if it seems usable in any urgent operations.

Limitations of Using Amphetamine Compared To Modafinil

Amphetamines  have been used traditionally in combats for diminishing the negative effect of sleep deprivation.  The reason behind using modafinil as an alternative to  amphetamines is lower side effect like lack of jitterness , anxiety etc.Amphetamines use have been stopped in usa Military operations in 2017 but modafinil is still used , this tells alot. 

According to this study 


modafinil reduced feeling of anger and depression among airforce pilot. Modafinil  outperformed placebo , especially after 24 hours.according to that study  Modafinil  increased vigor and confidence which generally shows decline if your sleep quality is poor. These qualities are very important in battlefield because a depressed soldier may not give enough attention and get lost in his thoughts during a flight or fight. 

one important  reason Military chose provigil ( modafinil ) because Amphetamines in higher doses can induce pychosis in soldiers who are already stressed during an operation. A psychosis during an operation  can be very damaging .A usa based Military research found that soldiers can take provigil and stay awake for 40 hours then go to sleep for 8 hour then again they can stay awake for 40 hours wothout reducing their focus and cognition . Although if u apply common sense this 40-8-40 thing you can not do non stop for weeks without feel ill effect of modafinil or any other nootropic . 

Modafinil  doesnt cause high blood pressure or weird feeling associated with traditional amphetamines use. Low addiction potential also make provigil a better alternative than amphetamines because no country want his brave soldiers to be addicted to anything but national security .

Because of low side effect and promising performance increase provigil has been used by other countries as well.