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Frequently Asked Question

How long does it takes to recieve my order usa to usa ?

Generally it takes 1-3 days to reach after payment . if you pay using cc it may take slightly more time to reach . Bitcoin payment is cheapest and fastest way to receive modafinil from us.

Do i have to sign for usa to usa order ?

No. usa to usa no sign needed at the time of delivery.

Do you sell lower than 100 tabs ?

At present, no , but we may in future.

Do you provide track ?

yes but it may take 24-48 hours for us to provide track for usa to usa order .

Do you sell modafinil in orignal blister ?

Yes offcourse , everything we sell will come with orignal packing .

Do you ship during weekends?

Yes we do mostly but not always.

Do i have to sign at the time of delivery if i order from indian stock ?


How much time it takes to reach if i order from india

12-15 days

Do you reship if my modafinil order from india get seized?

Yes 100% full reship